3939 E Southcross San Antonio, TX 78222

License ID # 549534

Latest Demerits

0-10 Demerits Excellent
11-20 Demerits Good
21-30 Demerits Acceptable
31+ Demerits Poor

Demerits Inspection Date Inspectors Notes
2 2018-01-11 15 * 228.65(a)(2) Bare hands contact with ready-to-eat foods.

30 * 228.247 Not having a current/Valid Permit. Valid permit not post. Insure permit is posted by next routine inspection.

2 2017-09-21 32 * 228.224(f)(2) Ice storage container criteria. ENSURE ICE MACHINE IS CLEANED AND SANITIZED REGURLARLY TO PREVENT MOLD/MILDEW BUILDUP

37 228.66(a)(1)(D) Food protected from cross contamination by storing the food in packages, covered containers, or wrappings. OBSERVED SEVEERAL ITEMS IN THE WALK-IN COOLER AND PREP STATION COOLER THAT DID NOT CONTAINE PROPER LIDS/WRAPPINGS. ENSURE LIPS/WR

3 2017-04-13 32 * 228.103(a) Equipment and utensils. Equipment and utensils shall be designed and constructed to be durable and to retain their characteristic qualities under normal use conditions. Repair or replace the door/lid of the reach-in freezer (insulation is

32 Observed raw meat being stored in plastic To-Go bags in the reach-in freezer. Food specific containers must be designed to allow effective cleaning. Ensure food grade bags are used to store foods, not plastic To-Go bags.

34 The back door of the kitchen area must be tight fitting and no outdoor light must be visible.

1 2016-11-07 22 With the exception of food establishment employees who only handle utensils and the certified food manager, all food establishment employees shall successfully complete an accredited food handler training course.

3 2016-07-11 41 Food storage containers shall be identified with the common name of their food contents.

45 During the time of inspection a piece of cardboard was being used in place of a ceiling tile. Ensure all kitchen surfaces are smooth, easily cleanable and non-absorbent.

46 During the time of inspection there were no trash cans with lids provided in the women's restroom. A toilet room used by females shall be provided with a covered receptacle for sanitary napkins.

1 2016-03-23 10 Observed an uncovered pot of chopped potatoes soaking in water with mold on top of them in the walk-in cooler. Management promptly and voluntarily discarded the pot of potatoes. Food that is unsafe (with mold growing) or adultered shall be discarded.

2 2015-11-23 20 Observed several unlabeled spray bottles during the time of inspection. Label all spray bottles with the common name of the toxic material.

21 Mechanical warewasher was not producing sanitizer during the time of inspection due to a tangled hose. The manager untangled the hose and the mechanical warewasher began producing sanitizer. Monitor sanitizer levels with the use of QT strips.

1 2015-09-10 9 Observed home-made cookies being sold in the establishment at the time of inspection. Food was promptly removed from shelving and will not be sold to the public. Ensure food sold in the establishment is not made in a personal home.

1 2015-04-08 22 Health Department issued Food Manager Certification Identification Card not present in the establishment or on the person of the PIC. Registering and successfully completing a Food Manager Certification course. OWNER SLAVADOR HAS A STATE CERTIFICATION

2 2014-10-21 11 229.164 (e) (1) (D) (ii)Bare hand documentation. Provide documentation that handling of ready-to-eat foods with bare hands is accomplished using two or more of the following safeguards: double hand washing, nail brushes, a hand sanitizer, incentive pro

22 There must be at least one person per shift who is Food Manager certified.

4 2014-01-13 16 229.166 (i) (1) (A)HWS not accessible. Accessible handsink was removed to accommodate mechanical dish machine. Wash hands in the wait station handsink until the accessible handink is installed in the kitchen.

17 229.167 (e) (2) no soap. Supply handwashing sink in the Employee restroom with soap.

8 229.163 (i) not in HWS. Wash hands in the handsink only, not in the warewash sinks.

8 229.163 (n) (1) eat.drink.smoke. Employees must drink from clean closed beverage containers with cleans hands and away from food prep areas. Do not consume drinks form twist top cap bottles.

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