6614 W 1604 N San Antonio, TX 78250

License ID # 1039538

Latest Demerits

0-10 Demerits Excellent
11-20 Demerits Good
21-30 Demerits Acceptable
31+ Demerits Poor

Demerits Inspection Date Inspectors Notes
3 2019-01-24 32 Make sure to remove/replace pans/other equipment that are highly scored or whenever resin coating starts to peel/break from food contact part of equipment; * 228.104(a) Cleanability. Food-contact surfaces..

42 Clean non-food contact surfaces to large containers that hold salsas and other possible foods(in between handles where food accumulation was seen); also make sure to clean dust off fans within walk in cooler; 228.113(3) Nonfood-contact surfaces of equi

47 Make sure to always post the last health report/most current health report.

8 2018-10-25 19 Pvc pipe for large ice machine will need to be raised above the receptacle to allow a sufficient air gap; ***this will need to be corrected by 10/28/18 in order to avoid re-inspection fees.

22 All employees will need to make sure and obtain a food handler certificate or be current on the certificate; approximately one employee expired and 3 others missing certificate; * 228.33(c) Food Handler Training criteria.

31 Do not store small bins within the hand washing sink; hand washing sinks should only be used for employee hand washing; * 228.149(a) Using a hand washing facility. accessible at all times for employee use; not be used for purposes other than hand washi

31 Make sure to provide paper towels at all hand washing sinks; * 228.175(c) Hand drying provision..

32 Establishment will need to replace cracked/broken vent covers with new ones to make areas easily cleanable when needed; * 228.104(g) Nonfood-contact surfaces. Nonfood-contact surfaces shall be free of unnecessary ledges, projections, and crevices, and

34 There were fruit flies/gnats observed in back storage area and around post mix soda syrups; establishment will need to intensify its pest control efforts; 228.186(k)(2) Controlling pests. Check premises. ***will need to correct prior to next inspection

35 Establishment will need to make sure that all employee food items located within the walk in cooler are stored on the lowest possible shelf separated from consumer food products during storage.

35 Observed two employee drinks within the reach in freezer on top of the potato box; employee drinks should be kept away from where food items are stored for the public.

3 2018-09-12 20 Leak at three compartment sink should be repaired.

34 Observed presence of flies and fruit flies in back storage area. Eliminate presence.

35 Personal drinks should be stored in a cup with lid and straw. Personal items should be stored in a designated area away from food and food contact surfaces.

7 2018-05-11 10 Ice machine interior had small amounts of black residue. Ensure to thoroughly clean surfaces to remove buildup.

18 Windex bottle stored next to bucket of lard, on shelf. Raid cans stored in drain of three compartment sink. Ensure that all toxics are stored in an area away from food and food contact surfaces. Pesticides such as Raid, are not allowed to be used or st

20 Air gaps not present between floor drain and end of drain pipe (at three compartment sink) Ensure that drain pipes are not sitting inside floor drain. Adjust to have an air gap between pipe and floor level.

3 Beef fajitas, Chicken fajitas, and carne asada in hot hold unit were not properly held at 135 degrees F and above. Manager stated extension cord had to be added to unit overnight for reasons unknown. Unit is turned on highest setting. Hot held foods sho

31 Front area hand sink currently has leaky faucet but establishment did well in not cutting off hot water. Hot water was readily available when needed. Ensure to correct leak as soon as possible. Font area and back area hand sinks had items stored in sin

34 Observed small amounts of fruit flies around hand sink area, and back ware washing area. Remove presence of fruit flies by eliminating wet areas on floors.

47 Employees should store all personal items including, but not limited to cells phones, drinks, lunches, etc, in a designated area. Establishment is required to provide an employee area (i.e. table, container, wall, shelf, etc) for personal use and stora

1 2017-11-08 36 Cloth towels should not lay around preparation tables, hang from employee waist, line steam tables. When towels are not in use, they should be stored in sanitizer immediately. Sanitizer should be switched every 2-4 hours to maintain concentration of 20

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