12635 IH 10 W #545B San Antonio, TX 78230

License ID # 4062

Latest Demerits

0-10 Demerits Excellent
11-20 Demerits Good
21-30 Demerits Acceptable
31+ Demerits Poor

Demerits Inspection Date Inspectors Notes
0 2018-01-11 No observations found.
1 2017-07-13 30 Expired 05/2017 Go to 1901 S Alamo to renew Food Permit at the Health Department Desk.

2 2017-02-08 28 * 228.75(g)(2) Date marking commercially prepared RTE/ TCS food. Violation: Food items state when thawed, good for 2 days. Food items not marked with use-by date. Correction: Ensure all food items are marked with use-by date.

29 * 228.105(a) Food thermometers--accurate, ±2 degrees Fahrenheit. Violation: Observed thermometer in refrigerator reading an ambient temperature of 41 degrees. Measured ambient temperature; reading 31 degrees F. Correction: Calibrate all thermometers s

1 2016-08-30 45 Make sure to seal openings within the ceiling area and provide ceiling tile where missing; seal all raw wood, if haven't already.

2 2016-03-08 20 229.165 (k) (14) (E)chemical not used to direction. sanitizer not to recommended concentration for wipe cloth buckets.

23 229.166 (i) (5) (A)plumbing repairs. The rest rooms must be avialable to the customers and the staff in order to operate the store!!!

0 2014-12-20 No observations found.
0 2014-04-03 No observations found.
0 2013-06-11 No observations found.
0 2012-12-05 No observations found.
0 2012-05-30 No observations found.
0 2011-10-25 No observations found.
0 2011-04-22 No observations found.
0 2010-08-19 No observations found.
7 2010-01-07 14 Air gap on ice machine is not present.


2 2010-01-07 14 Air gap on ice machine is not present.


0 2009-08-06 No observations found.
4 2009-01-29 No observations found.
0 2009-01-29 No observations found.
0 2008-09-04 No observations found.
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